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A powerful file manager for the GNOME desktop environment

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GNOME Commander is being developed in a stable and a testing branch, where the test releases are for testing of new ideas. Successful ideas will then get backported to the stable branch.

The GNOME Commander source code

All current and historical releases can be found on the GNOME FTP server. Links to the latest releases of the stable and development versions can be found on this page.

Latest releases

The latest 1.4.x release:

View the version changelog

The latest developing snapshots


For testing purposes only. Development snapshots can be downloaded below.

These may be unstable and are for testing purposes only, do not handle important data with these releases.

The latest snapshot packages:

To check out from the Git repository, the following command can be used:

git clone git://

If you wish to use the current stable branch, you can then run:

git checkout gcmd-1-4

Gentoo users can also use the ebuild in the sources.

Old releases

The old 1.2.x versions.

  • Releases of the 1.2.x series can be found in this directory on the GNOME FTP.

The old 1.1.x versions.

  • Releases of the 1.1.x series can be found in this directory on the GNOME FTP.

The old 1.0 versions (GNOME 1.x).

  • Releases of the 1.0.x series can be found in this directory on the GNOME FTP.

Source from git repository

For those of you who feel really adventurous, or maybe want to hack on the latest code, can download the latest development sourcecode or individual files directly from git (just remember to run "" when compiling). But be ware that there can be serious bugs in code from git, this code is for hacking, development and testing purposes.

GNOME Commander has its source tree hosted at To check out the latest code from the git repostory, for the (potentially unstable) master branch, the following command below can be used. See our development page for more details.

git clone git://

The above works only to do a first time download and not for updating the code, if you already have a version of the code you can just cd into the folder "gnome-commander" and run "git pull" to get the latest revision.

Visit the page in following link for more detailed information about git at

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External Downloads External binary downloads

Here are some links to binary packages for those of you that do not want to compile the source yourself. These packages are not maintained by the authors of this project, some of these links may point to quite old versions.

All releases beginning from 1.2.x contain a Gentoo ebuild file in the source tarball.

Distro packages
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GNOME Commander is also available at GNOMEfiles, a site created for the GNOME Desktop Environment (Unix/Linux) and also other GTK applications.

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