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A powerful file manager for the GNOME desktop environment

New Release: v1.2.0 07 May 2006

The GNOME Commander team is proud to announce the stable release of GNOME Commander: 1.2.0.

On the “surface” there are not much difference from the last release 1.1.7, but underneath there are a couple of new features and some bugs have been fixed. This version-jump to 1.2.0 also marks the first stable release from the new GNOME Commander team, it is also the first release under the new version numbering where new and experimental functions first are developed and tested in an unstable odd numbered development branch of the project. The 1.2.x version will get updates, bugfixes and also successful features backported from the 1.3.x devel branch.

What’s new since 1.1.7

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