GNOME Commander

A powerful file manager for the GNOME desktop environment

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All releases

All releases and their sha256sum hashes can be found on the GNOME server

Latest release

gnome-commander-1.8.1.tar.xz (7.0 MB)

gnome-commander-1.8.1.tar.xz.sig (Signature file for verifying the downloaded tar archive with gpg --verify gnome-commander-1.8.1.tar.xz.sig --gnome-commander-1.8.1.tar.xz. My public key can be found on the Gnome Commander mainpage under the Authors section.)

Sample scripts for the file popup menu

Under this link some sample scripts can be found. Move them into ~/.gnome-commander/scripts/ to extend the file popup menu (usable since v1.6.0).

External Downloads External binary downloads

Here is a list of links to external packages. These are maintained by the distributions and not by the developers of GCMD. Some links may point to very old versions of GCMD.

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