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[Done] Fixing compilation warnings: Volunteers wanted 16 April 2017

If you ever have compiled GCMD by yourself, you might already have noticed that there occour literally hundreds of warnings from the Gnu compiler. These warnings can sometimes lead to bugs or even tell us that parts of libraries are used which are not supported anymore. Also, Linux distributions don’t like to distribute packages with compilation warnings.

To overcome this problem we created the new Git branch ConvertWarningsToErrors some days ago.

This branch is derived from the master branch and its first commit is 2ecd245. Here, we set up and all Makefiles to convert all compilation warnings into compiler errors. This will force us to fix each warning to successfully compile GCMD in the end.

We are asking for volunteers here to help us hunting down all warnings.

Making a first start is pretty easy:

    git clone
    cd gnome-commander
    git checkout ConvertWarningsToErrors

Provided you have installed all packages GCMD depends on, the compilation will stop at the first compilation error (which was a warning before). Now it is your turn to fix it. If you don’t know how to fix it but you want to see other warnings and hunt them, temporarily switch of the warning-to-error conversion:

    ./ --enable-compile-warnings=yes

Fix the warnings in separate Git commits and send them to as a patch via email, or idealy, fork the Github GCMD repository and create a pull request on the github webpage.

Together we can do it!

Update [29. April 2017]: All GCC compiler warnings fixed

All compilation warnings in branch ConvertWarningsToErrors have been fixed and all related commits have been merged into the master branch. This task can be regarded as fixed now.

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