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New Release: v1.8.0 08 October 2017

We are proud to announce Gnome Commander version 1.8.0. This release comes with some changes behind the scenes witch are especially important in the build process: From now on gettext is used for translating strings, the usage of is dropped in favour of gnome-doc-uitls and the yelp-tools are now used for the documentation infrastructure. All compiler warnings (from GCC) have been removed and also some minor bugs have been found and fixed.

The quick search can now be activated by starting to type a character without hitting another key like Ctrl or Alt. Also we added two options for not saving the history of the command line and the search history. Another option was added to leave the terminal open after executing a command in a terminal, useful for example when a command in the command line is executed with Shift+Enter. Give it a try, you will like it.

Last but not least we again want to thank all the translators contributing with so many commits. Thank you all, you did a great job!

See the full changelog below.

New features:

Other changes:

Bug fixes:

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