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New Release: v1.12.0 25 March 2021

The Gnome Commander team is proud to announce the release of Gnome Commander v1.12.0. The new version comes with a number of new features and bugfixes after over 300 commits since v1.10.3.

Gnome Commander finally started to migrate away from GnomeVFS to GIO and gvfs. So most of the changes are of technical nature. But there is already a nice change when clicking on a file: From version 1.12.0 on, the “usual” default application is used to open a file and not some “random” applications (which were picked by GnomeVFS). Also, the internal viewer got a new scrolling feature for images.

As the maintainer I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this release. A big ‘Thank you!’ goes also to the translators from the Gnome translation teams. You did a great job in the past weeks! Mamoru Tasaka provided great code improvements and patches. Also I want to thank the people on the mailing lists for the open discussion about the program. Thanks go also to Roman Pauer and user moon300 for opening bug reports on GitLab. That’s really appreciated.

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