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New Release: v1.16.0 22 January 2023

The Gnome Commander team is happy to announce the release of Gnome Commander version 1.16.0.

In this release we are getting rid of autotools and replace them by the Meson build system. This will change the way how you build and install Gnome Commander from source code. If you install Gnome Commander through your Linux distribution software center, nothing will change, though.

A big shout-out goes to Roman Pauer who made a lot of changes under the hood of the program. With his help, Gnome Commander becomes a lot more stable again, since there have been some bugs related to the file transfer which sometimes crashed the program. Also, he brought back the internal search of Gnome Commander, which has been removed in version 1.14.0 because of some unsolved glitches.

A small improvement was also added by Dennis Gert Rebentrost, who added a menu button for only selecting files.

And as always, a lot of translators contributed to Gnome Commander. Thank you all for that!

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